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Web Design

TWD is offering to help startups, entreprenuers, and sales associates with basic website setup/design starting at $20/hour. We are performing website design/setup on a per client-selective basis. As we carry a very heavy workload from our current clients we are not able to take on complex projects, however we do have close partners that can assist you with them and we are happy to facilitate the referral for you. Our average basic site costs ranges from $350-$900, depending on pages, media requests, and turnaround time. Call 843-628-2283 with any questions.


Web Hosting 

Are you looking for affordable web hosting? We can provide hosting for your website, database, wordpress site, blog, or other files starting at $85 per year.

Benefits include:
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited bandwith
Unlimited file space
Traffic statistics
File backup



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